Why Cannabis Deliveries Are Choosing WebJoint Software

Legalization of marijuana has been a bone of contention for many years. However, with the recent approval, licensed deliveries will need to have a point of sale program to track inventory and sales transactions. Suppliers of cannabis products will also be expected to pay taxes on their cannabis sales. Also, there are strict regulations on dealing with cannabis products, and this includes packaging and testing of the different strains. The proposition also legalizes the industrial production of cannabis.

Even with the new regulations in place, most deliveries are managing their inventory manually, and this is bad for the business as they might not have the capacity to track all their supplies. There is growing need for the cannabis industry to evolve and innovative measures are being looked upon. There is a growing need for a seed to sale tracking system for licensed deliveries for them to comply with the new regulations.

The interesting thing for a cannabis delivery service is they need more than a general seed-to-sale tracking platform. They must have delivery specific features that track specific vehicle inventory, ability to automatically dispatch orders and track driver location. With all of the software solutions available there is one company that has made it their sole purpose of providing the best solution for cannabis deliveries… period.

The platform currently being used by 1 out of every 3 delivery services is called WebJoint . The software is being used by cannabis retailers with delivery licenses to track inventory, accept online orders and much more. WebJoint makes it easier to track a patient’s cannabis that comes with many benefits. Cannabis software helps in ensuring different strains are identified and tested making it safer for patients to use. It is also useful in monitoring their dosage and makes it easier for people to access it without federal interference.

WebJoint has developed a cannabis software that is considered reliable and comprehensive. WebJoint has seen continued success as there is an increased need to have technology that provides adequate tracking and compliance reporting. The cannabis software is considered compliant with the new California marijuana state laws and fully integrated with METRC. The WebJoint platform offers users full accountability and transparency on all levels of your organization, business, and the government. The software is a compliance platform that facilitates the production and sale of marijuana.

The cannabis software enables patients to get entered into dispensaries online database to get their details for automatic verification. The software also informs patients of their recommendation expiration through their emails making it easier for licensed marijuana suppliers to keep in touch with their patients with no extra effort. The marijuana website design also provides for order tracking that is advantageous in businesses keeping track of their inventory and profit.

WebJoint software also allows the addition of images, descriptions, and price as well as health information making it easier for an organization to keep track of deliveries. Patients will also know the price of marijuana depending on the dose. The software is also beneficial to the business as it provides online receipts for orders made and maps the customers route. Staff management is also made easier by taking care of taxing them and also keeps tracks of the hours each person has worked.

WebJoint is the leading cannabis software for deliveries as it has attractive features in and ability to do everything necessary for a delivery operation. The software is easy to use and is competitively priced. New features can also be added into the software for other operations. California marijuana dispensaries will benefit from the software’s ability to register patients, have automatic doctor registration, online orders, and other additional features.

Licensed business owners do not want their business to be put on hold due to simple mistakes that could be easily avoided.The new marijuana regulations are making it more difficult to take care of everything manually. WebJoint software knows this and is here to make it easier for ventures to run their business and comply with the California state regulations without straining.

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