Cannabis Delivery Software That Increases Revenue

Cannabis delivery services need to put a lot of time and energy into systems that help them run and manage their business. One of those systems is point of sale software. A point of sale for cannabis dispensaries and delivery services require specific tools that track inventory, sales and integrate with METRC, California’s track-and-trace system. The cannabis software space is getting real hot, real quick. So we decided to take some time to give you a breakdown of WebJoint, an all in one cannabis retail software that handles everything from point of sale, inventory management and has a unique way of leveraging another product to increase sales revenue.

Who is WebJoint?

WebJoint is an all in one management software for cannabis retailers. The company was founded in 2014 and is currently headquartered in Los Angeles, CA. Currently, the WebJoint platform supports more than 200 retailers, a majority of which are licensed and based in California. What started as a website builder for cannabis dispensaries has evolved into a full management suite with some unique product offerings that can increase revenue for all retailers using the platform.

WebJoint and the Delivery Market

What is special about this company is they have a laser focus on deliveries and the California market. The platform has the ability to track drivers inventory, automatically dispatch orders, integrate with GPS tracking and much more. Being one of the first cannabis software companies based in Los Angeles, the company had the opportunity to work with deliveries first hand. They developed their platform in 2014 with deliveries in mind. Because of this, WebJoint now services one out of every three delivery services on the market.

Brand Platform & Increased Revenue

But the real key differentiator is their “cannabis brand software” which is also known as the “brand to consumer” platform. The brand software allows some of California’s top cannabis brands to link to retail deliveries within the WebJoint network. The platform allows the brand to accept online orders that are dispatched to licensed deliveries, ultimately increasing revenue throughout the supply chain.

All deliveries using WebJoint retail software get access to connect with brands to increase their revenue. As retailers fulfill brand orders, the subscription cost of their POS software decreases. It is an interesting model, and with the company on track for another $6m dollar raise… it doesn’t seem like they will be stopping any time soon.

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