A Cannabis Point-of-Sale That Sends You Sales
WebJoint founders Christopher Dell’Olio (Left) & Hilart Abrahamian (Right)

The legalization of cannabis is building like a tidal wave, with California foaming at the crest, acting as a crucial tipping point. In less than a year’s time since going recreational, the fluctuations in regulations have provided the state with its own form of evolution. Countless start-ups have been trying to solve the industry’s issues as they arise: compliance, sales, inventory, packaging, and more!

Regulations surrounding pre-packaged goods means that brands have begun to emerge and take over their portion of the market share.

And herein lies the problem with the current way that regulations are written—brands aren’t inherently retailers. This means that brands can’t sell their goods directly to the end consumer and instead have to facilitate sales through a dispensary or delivery service that is compliant with the BCC’s regulations.

With money flying out the window to abide by all these changes, how are businesses – cannabis brands and retailers – ever going to make it alive?


Based in Los Angeles, WebJoint is an all-in-one cannabis retail compliance software that provides their clients with an e-commerce website complete with online ordering and delivery dispatch features, a point-of-sale interface, METRC compliant inventory management, staff and sales reports, and connects brands to retailers for order fulfillment.

For retailers using WebJoint, consumers can log in or sign up for their favorite dispensary or delivery service and actually place orders directly from that website – connecting consumers to retailers’ products in a way that increases efficiency and requires minimal effort.

Co-founders Christopher Dell’Olio and Hilart Abrahamian have looked further than the standard compliance race and solved an issue that businesses haven’t exactly had the time to entertain—connecting brands directly to the consumer and utilizing retailers on WebJoint to fulfill these orders and ultimately, raise the revenue for cannabis retail dispensaries and deliveries.

Currently, WebJoint has about 200 clients with 150 of those clients being delivery services which allow for coverage of 90% of heavily-populated areas and 70% of the entire state of California. Since their inception in 2014, WebJoint has processed over $100M in sales and raised their Series A investment of 1.5 million in 2017.

These two incredible young founders of Webjoint Cannabis Software have provided an avenue for cannabis to not only have a professional face but for cannabis to use professional technology similar to other industries.


See, the problem is that consumers have to hunt down their favorite brand’s products, rather than having concrete knowledge on where to source the product in need. Brands are forced to use Weedmaps or other alternatives such as Ease in order to market their products, resulting in a loss of marketing ROI and stock traceability. As a consumer, it means that you will more than likely struggle to find your favorite product or the product that works best to heal your ailments which complicates care.

As it stands currently, consumers cannot find their favorite brand’s products and order directly from the website. The bottleneck here is that brands need to have manufacturing and/or a retail license to serve as a retailer. Unlike any other industry, this forces consumers to lose impulse when making purchases and oftentimes are the reason for cannabis carts to go unfulfilled. These founders and the remainder of their team have created a proprietary methodology of integrating technology and linking brands directly to the consumer by way of facilitating those orders through a licensed a retailer or delivery service within the pre-existing network.

Without WebJoint, a consumer finds their product by using third-party applications like Weedmaps to locate a dispensary or delivery service that carries their favorite brand. If they can’t find it on these platforms, a consumer takes to a brand’s Instagram account and interacts with them in the form of asking about who stocks their product. They then have to visit the dispensary with the hopes of finding the specific product, oftentimes coming up empty-handed and feeling as though they have to settle for a second choice and more times than not, visit another dispensary. In short, the process is complicated and a lot of money falls through the cracks.

With WebJoint, a consumer can simply go on their favorite brand’s website and legally order THC products directly. That order is then sent to the closest cannabis retailer using WebJoint for order fulfillment – an order that the retailer would otherwise not have gotten. This process allows cannabis brands to finally reach the end consumer and benefits cannabis retailers by sending them orders – increasing retailers’ bottom line and growing their business exponentially.ell

WebJoint founders, Christopher Dell’Olio (Left) & Hilart Abrahamian (Right)

Earlier this year, WebJoint hosted the California Cannabis Awards, breaching the surface in a revolutionary way that brought cannabis to a professional, luxe, and sleek event. The California Cannabis Awards was the first award show of its kind, emphasizing the importance of breaking the cannabis stigma that has been around for so long.

Traditionally, cannabis has had a negative stigma attached to it which in turn has created added weight and increased resistance to the normality of the use of cannabis—for medical & recreational purposes. The California Cannabis Awards served as the “Oscars of cannabis” in which case major publications were invited to join the show and cover the entire of the event, participating in ways that have never been done before.

With a glamorous red carpet and inaugural award show at the NOVO Theater, located in Downtown Los Angeles’ LA Live, the California Cannabis Awards were a great way to shake up the entirety of the industry and provide a way of illustrating the progressive, young thought-leader’s vision for the industry. This is to say that WebJoint views cannabis as a professional industry and demands attention for cannabis in a way that is truly game-changing.

What joy being featured in Forbes is a huge step for cannabis and cannabis technology companies. It goes to show that these young founders not only know what they’re doing when it comes to technological advancements in an emerging industry but that WebJoint is the pride and joy of CEO, Christopher Dell’Olio and COO, Hilart Abrahamian. They look to revolutionize the industry and continue to make groundbreaking advancements which not only simplifies the supply chain but increases accessibility for those who seek cannabis.

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